Rice FACE (Free-air CO2 enrichment) experiments

Almaz has examined seasonal changes in temeperature dependencies of photosynthesis in rice grown under ambient (370 ppm) and elevated (570 ppm) CO2 concentrations.

The present study is unique in the following aspect. (1) This is the first study that followed temporal changes in temperature dependence of leaf photosynthetic rate for plants grown under elevated CO2. (2) We found that temperature dependence of photosynthesis was different between two growth CO2 conditions. (3) Seasonal change in temperature dependence was different between the two growth CO2: Optimal temperature increased with growth temperature at ambient CO2 while there was no clear trend at elevated CO2.


In these photos, you can see the FACE site in Shizukuishi, Iwate prefecture in Northeast Japan. A face ring (diameter 12 m) in the rice field. CO2 was sent from white cylinders by the cabin to the ring, and emitted to the air.


06. Oct. 2005